Learning Castilian Spanish

the labyrinth of pan

Thought I would throw up a short update on my foray into learning Spanish (Castilian). It’s been a little over a week since I started learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone and StudySpanish.com. I have progressed so far to Unit 4 of Lesson 1, or level 1 I’m not sure which, but it’s definitely Unit 4! I’m still really confused about the many conjugations of some words and when/where to use them, but that understanding will come with time. I also have watched Pan’s Labyrinth a couple times as it’s the only spoken Spanish (Spain!) DVD I own at the moment (also turned Spanish captions on which helps when hearing it spoken so fast). As I close this post I will rattle off some of the phrases I know and understand (just an example and by no means my entire vocabulary so far):

La mujer come arroz.

La luna es blanca.

El gato negro no duerme.

Las ninas corren.

Hola! Que hace?

Anyways, I know probably around 50+ words so far or maybe even more than that. Many different forms of the same word is the biggest obstacle I’ve encountered so far. Oh, and trying to say the double “R”… ‘rr’ that is trilled or rolled is a hard noise to make without it sounding obnoxious and spit flying haha.


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