Mucho gusto and domo arigato!

Spain, has more than just a beautiful language

I’ve always wanted to learn new languages and this week I will finally start on my path to joining the ranks of the multilingual people of the world! I wrote down a list of about 20 languages I was interested in learning and then cut it in half to a top 10. Upon some thinking over the list, I decided to start with two languages in which one I will start this week and the other I will start in a month or so.

First up: I will start learning Castilian Spanish this week. I’ve always had a great interest in Spain, and plan to visit the country eventually. Since the version of Spanish spoken in Spain is so similar to American Spanish, it makes sense to me to learn the European variety as I will also be able to communicate with my American amigos.
Next: After I have a decent grasp of Spanish, I will start learning Japanese! I plan to begin around a month from now.

This should be fun, I will post more updates on my language studies in time when I have something worth posting ;)

One thought on “Mucho gusto and domo arigato!

  1. syntaxrick says:

    I encourage you on your journey to learn foreign languages! It can definitely be a fun and extremely rewarding experience. Of course, it won’t be easy, but if you find the right resources and motivation, I can see you doing it. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions regarding learning languages :)

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