Who Needs Math In The Real World Anyways?

The Khan Academy by Salman Khan

… Me apparently!

Being a lot better at the maths would really help me in my goals to further my own education and especially with computer science and programming.

As part of my independent learning journey I have started reviewing mathematics from the ground up. I started on Khan Academy about 13 days ago (at the very first level with basic addition and subtraction) and have quickly progressed through the arithmetic stage. What has startled me, is just how much basic math skills I have forgotten in the 8+ years since I used math and probably 15+ years since I did math without a calculator. Reviewing math from the bottom up I can confirm my own thoughts that it would be vital to get back into the swing of things mathematically. I have progressed up to the factors, fractions, and exponents modules and will be moving on to the geometry & algebra modules within a week I predict.

I have a new thirst for knowledge and have given myself a goal of becoming proficient at math and progressing all the way to the higher level maths that I never achieved before. The furthest I went in math was what my high school, Kent-Meridian in Kent, Washington, called “Algebra 3 with Trig”. It was the class right after Geometry and before Precalculus. I was always good at geometry but never desired to go very far with math; but that has all changed and I am looking forward to, and even excited about, becoming highly educated on mathematics.

My very generic planned course of progression for learning mathematics:

Arithmetic — > Geometry / Algebra –> Algebra II –> Probability / Statistics –> Precalculus / Trigonometry –> Differential and Integral Calculus –> Multi-variable Calculus –> Differential Equations –> Linear Algebra –> Proofs –>

… and then in no particular order I intend to at least get familiar with the following topics:

* Graph Theory * Real Analysis (Key) * Number Theory * Complex Analysis * Abstract Algebra (Key) * Topology * Discrete Mathematics *

So to end this post I will give an update on my progress thus far in math at KA:

Current Khan Academy “Energy Points”: 227, 247.

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